Roco smart RAIL – Roller dynamometer and showcase in one #10815

Would you rather have a chassis dynamometer or a display case? Why not have both, with the Roco smartrail!
What can the smart RAIL with the part number #10815 and what advantages does it offer over a normal chassis dynamometer? We clarify all this in this article:

For the first time in 2015, the practical roller test stand with display case came into the model railroad trade. A display case with function has always been very practical. This allows the model railroader to present and run his favorite pieces dust-tight without having to take them out of the display case every time.

The processing can really be seen! The lower part is made of solid wood. The upper black part is made of glass. Four function keys and the control for direction and speed can also be found there. A Plexiglas hood completes the picture.

On the Smartrail, the model railroader can operate all power systems digitally in H0. Analog operation is also possible in direct current. After rerailing the locomotive, the system automatically detects the power system and, if necessary, reads out the address and adopts it immediately. So no address input is necessary! It is important that the model is at least 120mm and maximum 305mm long. Short locomotives such as a Br 80 or a Köf can be extended with a car.

How the Roco Smartrail works

Calibration via the two sensors at both ends of the chassis dynamometer ensures that the model always runs centered on the dynamometer. Thus, the locomotive can be accelerated and decelerated by touch and always remains centered on its position. However, the full speed of the locomotive cannot be extended, as the chassis dynamometer is only designed for true-to-the-original speeds. One advantage of the Smartrail over other chassis dynamometers is that the locomotive is driven on a metal belt or spring. As a result, all axles rotate. Models that only have a tender drive can therefore also be operated prototypically.

The sensors hold the locomotive in the middle of the roller test stand

If light plus four digital functions are not enough, you can either connect a multi-mouse via the X-Bus connection under the Smartrail or connect a cell phone or tablet via the integrated WIFI module and control it with the Z21 APP. Of course, the WIFI multi-mice are also compatible.

The model is controlled via the direction of travel keys and the function keys

Roco smartRAIL in an exclusive video

On our YouTube channel we present you the new Roco Smartrail with all details and functions!

The new video is available on Thursday, August 24 on the Modellbahnshop-Lippe channel and also here in this post!

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