Produkt presentation ICE 3 „railbow“ | Märklin #37784

On July 9, 2021, DB sent an ICE 3 onto the rails, causing a big stir because the entire combination has a rainbow stripe. In this way, Deutsche Bahn wants to set an example for diversity and tolerance, for respectful and trusting cooperation, and for an appreciative approach to the diversity of all people. The multiple unit runs in the ICE 3 schedule and thus carries a very special message throughout Germany as the "Railbow ICE.

Märklin and TRIX also offer this special ICE for H0 model railroad enthusiasts.

Information about the prototype

Class 403 is the name given to an ICE high-speed variant of Deutsche Bahn that belongs to the ICE 3. Unlike its sister series 406 and 407, it is only capable of single-system operation and therefore only runs in Germany as well as to the neighboring Basel SBB station.

The trains took over the designation class 403 from the now decommissioned 403 electric railcars of the former Deutsche Bundesbahn.

The first series of 37 multiple units for domestic services has been in scheduled service with Deutsche Bahn since 2000 as the ICE 3.

The high-speed train consists of a class 403.0 end car, 1st class, a class 403.1 transformer car, 1st class, a class 403.3 dining car with the inscription "Bordrestaurant", a class 403.6 transformer car, 2nd class, and a class 403.5 end car, 2nd class. The Tz 304 multiple unit has been given the christening "Munich" and was designed in July 2021 with rainbow-colored stripes, which earned it the addition as "railbow".

Foto: Sebastian Terfloth

On delivery, the trains had 141 seats in three 1st class cars and 250 seats in four 2nd class cars. The 2002 upgrade increased the number of seats in 2nd class and reduced the number of seats in 1st class.

The 50 multiple units, each 200 m long, consist of eight cars and have been in passenger service since July 2000. With an authorized maximum vehicle speed of 330 km/h, the electric multiple units can reach up to 300 km/h in regular operation on the Cologne-Rhine/Main high-speed line and the Nuremberg-Ingolstadt high-speed line. Due to ballast flight caused by aerodynamics, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h on other high-speed lines without a fixed guideway, even though some of these are designed for up to 280 km/h. Another reason for this restriction is the limited thermal load capacity of the braking system, as on said high-speed lines the eddy current brake can only be used for rapid braking.

Information about the model

The Tz 304 "Munich" powered rail car train with the two power cars 403 022-7 and 403 504-4 in 1:87 scale comes together with 3 cars as a 5-part basic set in an attractive design with rainbow colored stripes. The main beam can be switched digitally and the cars also have standard interior lighting made of maintenance-free LEDs. In addition, the model has extensive sound functions and a Spielewelt mfx+ decoder.

Particularly convincing is the jerk-free start-up and the clean printing. The different station announcements also provide long-lasting driving fun.

In this model, the controlled high-performance drive is installed in the restaurant car and drives 4 axles. Traction tires provide the necessary tractive effort. A special detail is the interior of the engineer's cabs and the end car. A direction-dependent power supply is provided in each case via the front end car.

The individual components are connected with special close couplers with guide mechanisms. The three-light headlights that change over with the direction of travel and the two red marker lights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The main beam can be switched on if necessary. The interior lighting is powered by the continuous electrical connection of the entire train.

The length of the train is 142.2 cm.

Video of the ICE 3 "railbow"

In this video we introduce you to the model and its highlights!

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Buy ICE 3 "railbow" at MSL

The basic set 37784 is available with the supplementary car set 43739 can be expanded to a prototypical 8-piece unit. This model can be found in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 22784.



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