Product presentation Tillig BR 42 in TT #02063

We dedicate this blog post to the Tillig BR 42 in the Epoch II with the part number #02063. Interesting information about the prototype and everything important about the model, you will find in this article.

Information about the prototype

The tender locomotive with the wheel arrangement 1E was produced from 1943. 1776 hp could accelerate the 2-cylinder locomotive to max. 80 km/h. With an axle load of 17 t, it was too heavy for branch lines, but it was not intended for that. Heavy freight trains that could not be handled economically by 52s were among the tasks of the BR 42.

The class 42 is immediately recognizable as a wartime locomotive. The closed cab, the lighting embedded in the cylinder block and the dome arrangement, immediately suggest a war locomotive. This class was built specifically simplified for war. "Saving raw material" was only one of the criteria by which the locomotive was built. The 42s were to be produced as quickly and in mass as possible, and they were also to be stronger than a 52. A total of 1061 of 8000 planned locomotives were built. In contrast to the 52, the 42 was to continue to be used after the war. It was in service with the DB until 1962 and with the DR until 1969.

Information about the model

After a DR and a DB variant in Era III, Tillig has now also issued the 42 in Era II. The DRG variant convinces with a weight of 191g. Thanks to their four traction tires on four driven axles it can pull prototypical trains with ease. The locomotive is powered by the tender, and its driving axles can be turned with ease.

The lighting in the cylinder block was implemented prototypically. The light is not too bright, despite LEDs. The piston protection tubes and air hoses can still be added.

In the tub tender, which is largely made of metal, there is also a Next18 Interface. If you want, you can also convert the locomotive to sound. Tillig has already prepared the model for this. The running characteristics are very quiet. Even in the slow speed steps no jerking is audible. For test purposes we have installed an ESU decoder and could achieve a maximum consumption of 110mA determine. This value is also measurable for comparable locomotives in this scale.

Fact check:

Weight191 g
Length over buffer193 mm
Number of adhesive tires4
Number of driven axles4
Consumption at highest speed level in mA110 mA

Tillig BR 42 on Video

On YouTube Robin puts the class 42 in front of the camera again! In the video you can see the locomotive in detail from all sides and get an impression of the beautiful details.

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