Product presentation TILLIG electric locomotive E77 of the DR, epoch III #96400

Eagerly awaited by numerous model railroad enthusiasts: the model of an E77 from TILLIG in TT gauge. We present the model here with the most important information!

Information about the prototype

In 1923, the Deutsche Reichsbahn ordered two series of the class E 77 for freight train service in central and southern Germany. The three-part locomotives, 56 of which were built in total, were numbered E 77 01 to E 77 31 and E 77 51 to E 75 75. The locomotives, which were designed for medium-heavy service, did not prove themselves due to their poor running smoothness above speeds of 55 km/h. In the end, they were covered by the single-frame locomotives. Ultimately, the intended areas of service were covered by the single-frame locomotive of the E 75 series.

Museum locomotive E 77 10 | Photo: Magnus Gertkemper

After the Second World War, 53 locomotives were still in service. 42 of them, as well as parts of the damaged locomotives E 77 02, 09, 19, 28, 56, 67, 71 and 73 had to be handed over to the Soviet Union as reparations. In 1952/53, 38 of the reparation locomotives returned to the DR stock. Of these, only ten with the numbers E 77 03, 10, 14, 15, 18, 24, 25, 30, 52 and 53 were repaired after 1955. The rest were dismantled in the 1960s.

Unfortunately, only one locomotive of this series has been preserved. The E 77 10 is currently in the DB Museum.

In order to better detect cracks, the frame and wheel bodies of DR locomotives were then painted red from 1961 onwards in accordance with DV 997; this was done as part of the general inspection. However, since no more main inspections were carried out on the E 77s at this time, none of the locomotives should have received a corresponding repainting until they were retired.

Should there have been an E 77 with red wheel bodies during operation, only color photos could prove this for sure. There are black-and-white photos from 1965 in which an interpretation of the color of the dome wheels is possible.

One exception, of course, is today's museum locomotive E 77 10. Prior to its operational refurbishment, this locomotive was prepared in 1971 as an exhibit for the vehicle exhibition in Radebeul with a red frame and red wheels - in accordance with the regulations of the time. During the operational refurbishment in its original state, the frame was then painted black again, while the wheels remained red.

The finishes of the TILLIG model are based on the color scheme specifications of the time. In the case of the locomotives returned from the Soviet Union, the frame and wheel bodies were painted black during the refurbishment in accordance with the regulation in effect from 1955. E 77 25 received an intermediate inspection in February 1960, this condition is represented by the TILLIG model #96400.

Of course, in the course of time, there will also be a TILLIG locomotive of the E 77 10 with red wheelsets (as of May 17, 2021).

Information about the model

The TT model shows the E77 in the days of the early Bundesbahn and Reichsbahnepoche, ca. 1949 to 1970.

The locomotive is equipped with a 3-light headlight signal in front and a 2-light headlight signal in the rear that is used depending on the direction of travel. The coupler pickup is without close coupler kinematics, but an installation of electric coupler is already prepared. In addition, the model has a digital interface according to NEM 662 and can be retrofitted with sound. Two traction tires provide the necessary tractive effort. The locomotive has a length over buffers of 136 mm.

More from the E77

Here is the video of the test run with a few impressions of the locomotive.

A PDF on the digital technology of the E77 is also available for download.

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