Bemo and the bears

Bears and trains?

Trains and bears? What could they have to do with each other?
Many people ask themselves that question when they first saw the RhB vehicles, that appeared in 2018. But the bears on the wagons don't only look cute, they also have an important meaning.  

What is the Arosa Bearland?

In 2018, “Bearland” was opened in Switzerland. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is a joint project by FOUR PAWS, Arosa Tourism and Arosa Bergbahnen. The bear sanctuary frees bears from all over the world from poor living conditions and torture. Whether from run-down zoos or illegal circuses. Bearland wants to give these animals a better life.

The founding of bear sanctuary

The idea came up in 2010 and after the decision was made, the work was started straight away. But as with everything, the beginnings are often difficult, and the project has been rejected at various locations. A small success was achieved in 2012 when the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS became aware of the project and wanted to work with Bärenland. In June 2015 the park was accepted. Bärenland had finally found its home in beautiful “Chur”.
Im Juni 2015 gab es dann eine Zusage für den Park. Bärenland hatte endlich sein Zuhause im schönen „Chur“ gefunden.

Napa the first bear

Now the real work could finally begin. There was a lot of tinkering and construction until the bear "Napa" was able to move into bear sanctuary in July 2018. Napa was a former Serbian circus bear and had already suffered a lot. Thanks to the bear sanctuary, he was able to experience two wonderful years. Napa died of epilepsy in 2020 and unfortunately only lived to be 14 years old. (RIP)

Bärenland today

Today, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is able to give three more bears a good life. To celebrate this and the work of the bear sanctuary, some RhB trains and wagons were decorated with the beautiful motives and drawings of the bears. The park's own train also drives visitors from the train station to the beautiful Sanctuary. On the way there, young and old can prepare for the fascinating animals with books and magazines.

Bemo and the bears

The model railway manufacturer Bemo has reproduced the great and colorful trains of the RhB in model. There is also a lot to discover inside the car. You will find a wide variety of models in our shop. A real highlight - both on the real and on the model rails.

The models are available in H0 and H0m, with direct and alternating current and equipped with a 5-pole motor. You have a light change based on the Swiss model.
Here are a few impressions:

The trains and cars have been designed with an incredible amount of attention to detail and are an absolute eye-catcher on every model railway layout. The bear pictured represents Napa and all those who will come after him. But not only the train is beautiful, the route to the bear sanctuary is like a journey through a fairy tale. Surrounded by mountains and green landscapes, you'll feel like you are in another world.

The train and the wagons alone are beautiful, but to bring the complete beauty of Arosa to your facility will take more than that. We are happy to help you with that. In our shop, you will find many articles that can help you to transform your system into an idyllic, green wonderland. Check out our shop, we look forward to hearing from you.

Wasserfall mit Brücke

Coming soon:

The next Arosa Bear Sanctuary novelty will be here very soon. Be one of the first with this new model and order from us in advance.

This and much more is available for you in our shop.

Your MSL team

PS: For more information on the bears, click here Arosa Bärenland

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