Product presentation PIKO BR 194 of the DB, Era IV | #51473

The crocodile. A model railroad classic! Manufacturer PIKO is bringing an AC model with sound in Expert quality to the market under item number #51473.


In this article you will find the most important information about the prototype and model.

Information about the prototype

The class E 94, nicknamed the "German Crocodile", refers to a class of six-axle heavy electric locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft that were designed for freight train service. From the introduction of the UIC designations, it is listed as the German Federal Railroad's class 194 as of 1968.

194 158-2 in Neuss | Foto: MPW57

In 1968, the DB re-designated the E 94 as the UIC class 194 in accordance with its class scheme. Service was limited exclusively to southern Germany. The northernmost and westernmost points of call were Bebra and Mainz-Bischofsheim. In addition to hauling freight trains, they were used as sliding locomotives on the Geislinger Steige and the Spessart ramp.

Eight examples of the more powerful 194.5 sub-series received an additional red tail light for replenishment service, which saved the locomotive drivers the constant climbing up and down from the locomotive to move the tail light.

Information about the model

Transferring a striking prototype vehicle like the E 94 perfectly into the H0 scale is always a challenge. The PIKO designers succeeded in this feat with bravura. The result is a model that excellently reproduces the overall appearance and characteristics of the E 94/BR 194 in 1:87 scale. Thanks to a dovetail guide between the engine front ends and the bridge frame, the model lies snugly on the track and is very agile at the same time. The mid-mounted motor with two flywheels ensures smooth running, and the tractive effort is increased by two diagonally arranged traction tires.

In conjunction with a digital decoder, many prototypical light functions can be switched, among which the starting lights below the cab windows have a special place. The sound version has a PSD XP 5.1 S sound decoder of the latest generation ex works. As a further highlight, the class 194 has PIKO TrainSound® onboard.

More features

Length over buffer [mm]:214
Minimum radius [mm]:358
Digital interface:NEM 658 PluX22
Installed decoder:PSD XP 5.1 Sound
(Interior) Lighting:Digital schaltbare Führerstandsbeleuchtung (mit PluX22 Decoder)
CouplerNEM Schacht + Kurzkupplungskulisse
Sound:PIKO sound decoder factory equipped
Light change:Direction of travel dependent light change white / red

Photos PIKO Class 194

In the gallery you can see more photos and details of the model.

Piko crocodile

Video PIKO Class 194

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