Through Russia but on tracks

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area. The Trans-Siberian Railway is particularly well-known among railway enthusiasts. It stretches for the longest route in the world from the capital Moscow to the remotest parts of the country all the way to the Pacific.

Facts about Russia

  • Russia is almost as large as the planet Pluto.
  • More than half of ​​Russia is part of Siberia.
  • Siberia is the coldest inhabited place on earth.
  • St. Petersburg has three times as many bridges as Venice.
  • St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia.
  • One of the largest and most important art museums in the world is the Hermitage in St. Petersburg
  • The Russian national sport is ice hockey.
  • In the Moscow Metro, trains start every 90 seconds during peak hours.
  • The video game "Tetris" was developed by a Russian.
  • 40 million people are transported by train in Moscow every month.

Transsib Railway Russia

The longest railway line in the world stretches over 9,288 km of Russian broad gauge and is traversed by the so-called Transsib. Between Russia's capital and the Pacific, the train passes 400 stations and takes 6 days to travel.

Strecke der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn | Quelle: OpenStreetMap

The planning for a railroad across Siberia began in the 1870s when a search was made for a more effective way to ship off Siberian riches. The construction standard was low at the beginning: wooden bridges, light tracks and rotten sleepers led to three accidents a day in the first year of operation.

An estimated 90,000 Russian wage workers and cheap seasonal workers were employed in the construction of the line. But a lack of security and illnesses at the time caused the construction crews to shrink. Tens of thousands died during the construction of the railway.

Today the condition of the track is very good. The Russian railway company RŽD runs the regular operation of the Trans-Siberian Railway and completed the entire electrification of the route in 2002. Over the course of the route, the contact wire voltage changes several times between 3kV DC and 25kV AC at 50Hz.

Sections of high-speed travel have already been planned several times, but have not yet been specifically pursued. On average, passenger trains travel between 60 and 70 km/h on the route, which is mainly characterized by the taiga landscape. Passing 89 cities, the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses a total of 16 major rivers on its journey.

You can find an auditory report on the journey through Russia with the Tsar's gold here

Train stations Russia

RZD operates a total of 353 train stations and enables around 340 million people to travel through Russia every year. From the capital Moscow, rail travel takes you to all parts of the country.

The most important railway stations in Russia can be found mainly in Moscow. The capital is the largest railway junction in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Trains travel all over the country from here, with each of the 9 stations going to a different part of the country. Next to each train station there is also a metro station.

The most interesting train stations are briefly presented below:

There are three important train stations next to each other on the "Platz der Drei Bahnhofs". The Kazan, Leningrad and Yaroslav stations are also connected by an underpass.

Jaroslawler Bahnhof | Quelle: Legion Media

The Yaroslav railway station is the largest and busiest railway station in Moscow. About 300 trains run here every day and the Trans-Siberian railway line also has its origin here.

Leningrader station

The Leningrader station is the oldest station building in Moscow and dates back to 1849. Separate halls with particularly luxurious furnishings bear witness to a time when the royal family used this station to arrive and depart.

Rigaer Station
Sawjolower Bahnhof | Quelle:

The Rigaer Station has existed since 1901. A museum for railway technology was opened next to the station in 2004. 40 steam locomotives and various wagons are exhibited on the platforms.

The Sawjolower station is the only station in Moscow from which long-distance trains do not depart. Local trains run through towns and villages around Moscow.

Belorussischer Bahnhof
Nowosibirsk-Glawny station

The Belorussische station is one of the most important long-distance railway stations in Moscow. Since August 2009 there has also been a direct express train connection to Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Another important railway junction outside of Moscow is the Nowosibirsk-Glawny stationLocated in southern Russia, it was opened when the Trans-Siberian Railway was created. In 1929, the station building was rebuilt, and a design competition helped the building achieve its impressive design, which itself is reminiscent of a locomotive.

Model railway Russia

A model railway layout can also be found in Russia. in theGrand Maket Rossijais the country recreated in miniature.

Impressions of the model railway in St. Petersburg can be found here:

Charmante Führung über die Modellbahnanlage Russland | Quelle: Russland Journal

Russia in MSL

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