EM 2021- Through the Netherlands but on tracks

Next Stop: Netherlands

Get on the train and off you go to Amsterdam. A little closer to home than some of our other travel destinations, but don't be fooled: the Netherlands also have incredible things to offer and discover.

The Dutch Federal Railroad is called Nederlandse Spoorwegen and offers around 4,800 train journeys every day. There are many beautiful routes in the Netherlands. Here are the three most beautiful ones that every train fan should have seen:

1. Ceevworden-Sneek-Stavoren

The omnibus train from Leeuwarden to Stavoren offers an enchanting train ride through the landscape. The train connects six of the famous “Eleven” cities in the province of Friesland. The train leaves every hour in Leeuwarden, the capital of the province. The destination is the small town of Stavoren. In summer, you can occasionally take a boat to Enkhuizen on the other side of the Ijsselmeer. The town of Sneek along the route is famous for its sailing ships, while the town of Hindeloopen is known for its ice skating museum. At the end of cold winters, you can sometimes see spectacular “icebergs”, large blocks of ice that pile up on the dike.

2. Haarlem-Zandvoort

The train journey between Haarlem and Zandvoort is unique in the Netherlands.
The end of the line is Zandvoort, the train even stops at the beach!
Well… almost. The North Sea is only a two-minute walk away. Haarlem is only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam and offers a great opportunity to combine the adventurous train journey with a relaxing walk on the beach.  

3. Heerlen-Valkenburg-Maastrich

The Netherlands are known for their flat land. The only hills are in the southern part of the country, and that's where you can take a nice half hour train ride. If you have more time, just stop at one of the small train stations and take a nice walk. The area around “Schin op Geul”, for example, is very beautiful and combines train travel with varied sightseeing.

The largest train station in the Netherlands is the "Utrecht Centraal" station. It has 16 tracks and 194,385 visitors a day.

Miniworld Rotterdam

The largest model railway layout in the Netherlands is a highlight for the whole family! In the Miniworld Rotterdam you can experience the Netherlands in miniature format. With a push of a button, the exhibition becomes interactive and funny scenes invite you to explore. From the coast it goes over the Dutch polder to Rotterdam, where the large port has been reproduced in detail. Great Britain can also be found in the basement.

The Netherlands in MSL

We have many „Nederlanse Sporwegen“ in our Shop. Fitting to the EM spirit we offer a model car with the Netherlands Flag on the roof. What a great way to show your support. Auto mit passender Flagge in unserem Shop, so können Sie ihren niederländischen Support dezent zum Ausdruck bringen.

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