EM 2021- through Scotland, but on tracks

Next Stop: Schottland

We are now traveling from the beautiful Romania to the rather cold and mostly rainy Scotland.
Scotland - everyone has a picture in his head, right? The wide highlands, small shops in even smaller towns. Everyone knows everyone, and everybody is incredibly friendly to one another. The men wear kilts and the accent is just unique.


But Scotland does not only have a lot in store for culture-loving tourists, model railroaders also get their money's worth. The Scottish railway company is called ScotRail and the largest station is Glasgow Central Station, which was used by 32,915 million people in 2018.

The least used train station in Scotland is Lochluichart. It is a train station on the Kyle of Lochalsh line, serving the village of Lochluichart in northern Scotland. Lochluichart is on the northern edge of Loch Luichart and the train only leaves the farm 198 times a year. If the train fails there, the replacement will probably take a while.

Hogwarts here we come

The most famous railway line in Scotland is probably that of the Jacobite train. The route stretches over 70 kilometers, starts in Fort William and ends in Mallaig.
The route and also the train itself, is famous for featuring in the well-known film "Harry Potter". The Jacobite train plays an important role in the movie. He as the "Hogwarts Express" is supposed to bring the students to the renowned magic school.

But let's get back to reality
Cause the Jacobite's name has an important historical background.  

The Jacobite's history

The train used to be called the "West Highlander". He got the name Jacobite as a reminder of the Scottish Highlanders, who had joined forces against the British to get the Scottish heir Charles Stuart back on the throne. They tried in vain, Charles never got back on the throne, but the men fighting for him were called Jacobites.

The route of the Jacobite fits his name perfectly. It starts in Fort William, a place that was occupied by the British (aka Red coats). The prison (Fort William Prison) is well known. Many Highlanders were kidnapped there by the British and punished for their crimes. The so-called flogging block still stands today. On its route, the train stops at Glenfinnan, where Bonnie Prince Charlie (Prince Charles Stuart, heir to the throne of Scotland) raised his rebellion during the last Jacobite rising in 1745. The train then stops at Arisaig and the Mallaig terminus.

The Scots value and honor the memory of this particular rebellion so dearly because it was the last. After the Battle of Culloden, the Rebillion ended and Celtic culture almost died out. But when the "Jacobite" drives through the Highlands, we are reminded of the courageous men of their time. Who fought for their beliefs and their freedom.

Scotland in MSL

fitting to the EM we offer a Herpa model car what a great way to show your support for Scotland

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